The Doable Life | Happiness is a Choice You Make

There is a saying ‘Life is not by chance but by choice’. If you are not a happy person, that is a choice you are making, which in return defines the state you are in. You have full control over your life and the decisions that you make. There are many factors which people measure happiness. Some people think money is happiness. There are also proven facts that the money rich people no doubt are absolutely miserable with what they do on a daily basis to make their money.

Take a moment to look at the people around you, who have everything there is that you long for or dream to have. Whether it is wealth, possessions, status, career and so forth – STOP! These things don’t create happiness. Remember, happiness is a choice.

The wealthy and high status people of today continue to live miserable lives. Lonely, alcoholic, violence, broken marriages, and the list goes on. Happiness comes from within. These people may be working jobs they absolutely hate but just have a knack for making money. You might even want to call it ‘by chance’.



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