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Decision Making – An Ethical Input


Decision making is central to the survival of any organization. The forthcoming results of organizations or firms are dependent on the decisions made by its owners, or people who have been entrusted to do so.

In everyday life, in the same manner, we as individuals make decisions, challenged by circumstances and surroundings around us. People often make very good decisions in the organizations they serve, and sadly fail to do likewise at the individual level.

Why make decisions? Why not just GO or DO IT?

To have an interest in, involvement with, dependence on, contribution to, effect or be affected by, surely there must be a potential reason or need.

A simple rule – Visualize the end results.

Having a clear conscience on what you want or need, gives you the aptitude to conquer on auto-pilot. By visualizing the end results of our wants or needs, we attract into our lives the right attitude which in return, gives us the right piece of mind as to where – when – how and why we do things. It is DO-ABLE, we can make the right choices and decisions.

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